About B&N Cutting and Coring Ltd.

Concrete Cutting, Coring & Scanning Service Provider in Toronto, ON

Personalized Service and Relationship Value

B&N Cutting and Coring Ltd, established in 1993, has remained a distinguished Concrete Cutting services provider by putting the interest of our customers and communities first. Our commitment to sustainable operating practices and continuously building on a culture of high performance remains a significant value to our entire customer base. Our experienced management team with over 25 years’ experience is well equipped to offer expert advice on even your most challenging projects.

The Professional Approach!

We offer Professional and Reliable services to meet any budget. Starting at the preliminary stages of your project we can provide expert advice or perform investigative work. We can provide all the necessary services from the start to end of your job, including Multi Frequency Locating and X-Ray Services, Concrete Sawing and Drilling, Concrete Removal, Excavating and Concrete Finishing. We have got you covered!

Our highly skilled Unionized Operators and Technicians are equipped with all the necessary training, Safety Certifications, and tools to handle the toughest jobs thrown at them. Exceeding your expectations is our goal!

Our Focus on Safety!

At B&N Cutting and Coring Ltd we are fully vested in the safety of our team members, customers and the community. Its our top priority and commitment to you.

Every employee, regardless of experience, under goes mandatory safety training prior to being sent out to the field. In addition, all employees must undertake minimum training each subsequent year to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge of the latest and highest standards and practices possible.